The RBBB Theory relates to Bohmian Mechanics

Suggested Planck scale fundamental particle.

Non-divisible, non-destructible, non-create-able.


The specific shape of the fundamental particle is the merging of an e-mode and a b-mode wave function.


Looking at some figures created by David Bohm, within his energy transfers he shows e-mode and b-mode wave functions.


The Group Wave function that David Bohm proposed as “underlying existence” is a deflate RBBB.

Blow it up like a balloon and it is an RBBB.


David Bohm’s book “Quantum Theory”.


This shows the relation in topography between Bohmian Pilot Wave Theory and RBBB Model.


The mathematics calculated out by Bohm, Bohr, and De Broglie, show a

relationship to a cuboctahedron.  Cuboctahedrons are an indication of a hexagonal lattice close-packed sphere arrangement.


The RBBB Model is a pilot wave field generator.  The pilot wave field it generates is the pilot wave theorized to exist by David Bohm.

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